Jack in the Pulpit Art Studio Renovations - May 2017

Renovations of the new studio space are in progress. Here are the latest photos from the renovation. 
I have been demo-ing the interior: taking down walls, taking out sinks, removing bathtubs, etc. 
wallpaper 2
While demo-ing I have discovered a layer of wallpaper board underneath the sheetrock. There are four different designs on this wall paper board. Here are three of the designs.
I have also discovered a hornets nest in the kitchen ceiling. Thankfully it is an old one that is no longer active. I haven't found any old pennies behind the base board or any old magazines that somehow found there way into the walls - usual finds when I have rehabbed previously.
I have been working in the yard a lot - many weed trees and little seedlings growing. Until last year there was a large oak tree in the middle of the back yard. With the new light, it seems like all the suppressed trees are now trying to grow. The top picture here is of the first garden planted in the yard. I planted miniature irises that were a present from my friend Elise.