Let There Be Light

The demolition continues.  I have taken down all the sheetrock and wallpaper board on the interior walls. And I have taken down most of the loft.  The skylight is now having more of a presence.  I have turned off the electricity in the house and have not had to use any lights thanks to this wonderful skylight.

Here's a nice view of the tongue in groove boards on the ceiling. The studio is going to feel very homey and Northerly when completed.

And once in awhile the floor caves in.  This hole in the floor used to be the central chimney that was removed when the heating was converted to electric. There was a board covering it but fell through when I dropped a board on it. 

More destruction on a sunny day.

I found this inactive nest in the corner of the ceiling in the kitchen. I'm not sure what kind of wasp or bee made this, but it is browner than most nests I've seen.

Next, I will be removing the wall studs and loft joists. Then onto the kitchen and bathroom.